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RYA Optimist Coach

Following on from the RYA Optimist Handbook, this title is an ideal reference guide for all coaches of youth sailors.
Author Alan Williams is one of the world's most experienced and admired Optimist coaches.
The book not only benefits from his extensive expertise and skills to covers every aspect of coaching but also includes tips from many international sailing coaches. No coach or aspiring coach can afford to be without it!
Chapters include:

  • Basic psychology and mental toughness
  • Coaching techniques
  • The coaching plan
  • Advanced boat handling and speed
  • The finish
  • Team racing
  • Working with parents
  •  The book is based around the author's experience with Optimist coaching but all the principles and great content apply to youth coaching in general.

Good coaching often leads to a young sailor's lifetime enjoyment and promotion of sailing. Many young sailors go on to Olympic or professional sailing careers - including becoming a coach.


Price: £14.49


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